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Forum Rules!

Started by NFG, March 09, 2004, 03:15:03 PM

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OK!  Some forum behaviour rules.  Nothing tricky.  =)

1. Do some research before asking easy questions.  Please.  For our sanity.

2. Spell-check your message before posting it. Use proper sentences, please.  Some slack will be afforded non-native English speakers, but I want more from the rest of you.  <3

3. No images in your sigs, please. 

4. Respect other people.  We're all friends here.



Wow, how harsh are these rules?  I should throw in a smiley to make it all happy again.

I rewrote the rules!  We get a good crowd here and the rules as posted appeared to have anticipated more assholery than we ever got.  <3 <3