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Started by NFG, August 10, 2020, 12:36:19 PM

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You might remember about 3 years ago I talked about a plan to scan the entire run of Backup Technik and the first decade or so of Game Lab magazines.  These are tremendous archives of soft- and hardware hacking, covering every cool computer and console from the PC-8001, FM-7, MSX, Famicom, up to thhe X68000, PC-98 and PC Engine Duo.

Because I was busy with other stuff I didn't get much done with this project, but I dusted it off and resumed scanning the other day...

Only to find that the original publisher did the work for me, about six months after I announced my plans.  So I've scanned the first four issues, plus the first omnibus, and here they are for your download pleasure.

Note that I spell it Technik because I like it better this way.  I'm sure everyone else spells it Technique, but I don't care.  =P

You can now buy the complete BT run from Sansai Books: