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Henkan Banchou 変換番長 Pro with CZ-600CE

Started by Turbolenza, March 26, 2020, 12:02:55 am

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Hello from Singapore !
This is my first message here. Nice to meet you.

My setup :
The CZ-600CE is the first x68000 released in 1987
I have added 1 MB memory extension, from Beep.
I have replaced the SRAM battery
I have installed a picoPSU, from Beep.
I have a Masterdisk purchased from MSX Repro.

Now, the troublemaker is the Henkan Banchou pro, purchase in shop in Osaka in January this year.

The google translated manual is here :

From what I understand, I can just place a hds or hdf file into the Compact Flash. Unlike the SCSI2SD adapter, there is no need to use WinImage to write on the CF. However, i need to « name » the file with some parameters. [SASI0] [LUN0] [256].

The adapter is connected via the external centronics port.

The adaptor is simply not detected and will not boot Eidi's HDD Image V4.

It's quite difficult to find information online about this adapter... any help will be greatly appreciated.
stay safe.


Don´t know about sasi devices, if the image will work as sasi.
But what if you use scsi and install the driver via bootset ?
And do you use switch.x to setup boot device ?
Is the image (c:) there if you boot with masterdisk ? Then try pressing help on power up the machine


the eidis image is too big for SASI. You will need to install the SxSI drivers.


hi Turbolenza
You have to use winimage to mount the .hdf image
And yes as famiac wrote insert a boot disk with SxSI driver to install them. One time, they will be stored after if your bios battery is good

i have this device but using it with a scsi card

good luck


Dear all,

I have installed the SxCI driver

No matter what i do, i get this when i attempt to boot :

@mez, you have the henkan banchou pro? When i use WinImage to "write" the file, the adapter data access LED is giving an error. However, when i copy X68000 StartUpDisk [sasi0] [lun0] [256].HDS directly on the CF, the LED is no longer giving error.


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i have this model, don't know if its PRO or not sorry, but its Classic PC/BEEP SHOP hardware
mounted externaly on scsi card has said before

after installing SxSI are you able to access SWITCH.X to see your configuration ?