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GDPR Draft

Started by NFG, May 26, 2018, 07:31:17 AM

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I don't know if the GDPR actually applies to this forum, but I figured I'd detail a few things.  Here's a draft, your comments are welcomed.

1. Of course we use cookies, duh.

2. Some stuff might be logged, but I don't care much for the logs and I delete them occasionally.  Your IP address is logged by the webserver, briefly, so I can have an idea of how many people visit the site, and where they're coming from, and what they're reading.  I don't care who you are, and no attempts are made to match these numbers with Real People, or forum accounts, or anything else.  The forum remembers your last known IP, and maybe it remembers older ones, I don't know. 

I have no interest in tracking you, as a Real Life Person.  Logs aren't kept for very long (they take a lot of space, y'see), and if you're not an abusive asshat, there'll never be a time when I look at the logs and try to match them with specific users. 

3. I won't honour Right to Be Forgotten requests.  You wanted to join this community, you participated in it, and made it better.  You don't get the right to rip chunks of it out because you changed your mind.  You can leave, you can ask me to change and anonymize your account name, but that's it.  If this is a problem for you, don't be a part of things.

4. Court orders (at least, those relevant to me (Still ignoring your demands, Turkey)) will probably be honoured to the best of my ability.  Your privacy is less important than my existence outside of a jail.  If this bothers you, break the law somewhere else.

5. The forum and other components of the site may send you emails for reasons.  I might do it myself some day, though I don't have plans to. By signing up, you opted in.  If you don't want these emails, I don't know, maybe blacklist the sender address.  Or turn off the notifications in your user config.

6. Other users can see if you're actively using the forum.  If this bothers you for some reason, either you or the other guy is probably being an ass, and you should let me or Kendrick know.  Or turn off that feature in the user config

7. None of your data is shared with anyone, for any reason, except for #4 (if that ever happens.  It hasn't yet.  Consider this your canary.)

Ultimately, this forum works the way all antiquated internet platforms have worked more or less since the browser was invented.  We track you a little bit, we email you a little bit, we make you part of a community and we get upset if you try to wreck it.  I love you guys and I ain't tracking you, nor letting anyone else track you.

We cool?


Hi everybody. As part of my day job, I've been educated a little about GDPR and related laws in other countries. So I wanted to take a minute to address a few additional points:

There is no need for you to request all your information from me or from NFG. You have access to all your posts and all your stored messages from the default forum UI with no restrictions. To view all your posts, look for your username in the member search dialogue here:;sa=search

When you find your username, click on it and you'll be taken to your profile summary. If you have shared your e-mail address with us, it will be displayed for you but it is kept confidential from other users. Everybody can see the number of posts you've made and your age. Note the menu to the left, which includes the two selections 'Show Stats' and "Show Posts'. While the stats are always interesting, it's the posts that you would ordinarily ask for in a normal GDPR data request. Click on 'Show Posts' to see a sequential and chronological list of every message you've ever posted to

Note that we don't keep post history. By that I mean, if a post is edited by a moderator, or by you, we don't retain any content from the previous versions of the post. What you see in your post history is all we've kept. That is officially our policy and the way the forum is configured.

Update 3 September 2019 - The new forum now also includes a 'Show Drafts' option in the profile summary. So the data that we retain now includes any text that you have composed but have not yet posted or otherwise submitted. We do not keep old drafts or any other messages-in-progress after they've been finalized or posted.

Similarly, we only keep the private messages that you've elected to keep in your message storage. If you delete a message it's gone forever, and if you don't check the box to keep an outbound PM it doesn't stay in your mailbox. What you see in the PM system is all we've kept, and you have access to everything we have in terms of private messages.

As always, please contact me or NFG if you have any questions about the data request or anything else that might be related to the GDPR regulation. Thanks all.


Hi everybody. You may already be aware that for United States citizens, the California Consumer Privacy Act essentially enacts the same protections and restrictions on content usage as the GDPR, and gives forum users the same rights in terms of requesting data, and requesting that specific uses of data be constrained or blocked. Please be aware of the following forum guidelines that apply to the CCPA:

* You do not need to request that the administrators and owners of GameSX not sell your data. This forum does not carry advertising and does not monetize content in any way, and we will not sell your data for any reason.
* If it comes to pass that any part of the forum or the wiki does need to be monetized, we'll give all users ample notification (at least 90 days in advance) that this will be occurring, and we'll spell out your options at the point of that notification. But it's extraordinarily unlikely that anything like that will ever happen.
* All of the instructions that apply to GDPR users about accessing your data applies to CCPA users. You can use all of the same mechanisms and same menu options to access all your data at any time without having to contact me, NFG, or any other administrator.

That's all. Happy new year everyone, and please contact me or NFG directly if you have any questions about the CCPA, the GDPR or any legislation of online activity that might affect the forum. Thanks.