Help getting RaSCSI working

Started by Ex68Kay, November 22, 2019, 07:02:30 am

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I followed this mans directions pretty well: but I am cant get the RaSCSI to show up as an HDD.
I mightve messed it up when the instructions ended for the RaSCSI set up because it said you can go on your own now for formatting and I wont explain that. So followed "chapter" 4 on the page that shows how tom make an SxSI external with those ide adapters here:[]=master&s[]=disk
The issue is I hace a SCSI and I installed the SxSI driver and installed the bootloader to SRAM under ED00010 or w/e it was.
I finished the instructions, on the first link I provided, up until step 6. I did up to 5 which is all the RaSCSI main stuff completed.


what if I want to reset this stuff because I have a SCSI now and when I hold (pause break) OPT.1 it doesnt call the boot menu and there is a line that says ¥SXSIVSASIIOCS.SYS could not register. i just want to boot my RaSCSI now but I cant format if it cant be recognized ya know?