General FM-Towns Documentation and ISO modification instructions

Started by sampson, October 22, 2019, 01:26:55 am

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I've shown this to a few people over the last year or so and it has helped quite a few people get started on the system. Attached is a document I've been keeping tidy while I worked on getting my system functional. This document includes various information such as how the system boots and handles resolution, various tools to assist with boot up, hard drive setup, Windows tips as well as instructions on recreating an iso from scratch to modify the data within the game.

Hopefully someone finds this information of good use, the example for iso modification is including files that don't exist normally to add in scenarios to Sim City 2000. This process should work for any cd and should allow translation efforts to actually begin on this platform.

I've tried to be as accurate as possible however there could be inaccuracies in this document as it has been a living document as I've explored the platform. If you do find anything please let me know so I can correct it.


Thanks for the write-up. My FM Towns has a cpu accelerator fitted and i was wondering if i could modify the 256kb filesystem to turn the cpu cache on... have you thought of how one might do this?


The only CPU instruction app I'm aware of is for the old Cyrix 486 processor on vector's website. You might have some success emailing the guy that makes gdemu as he has been working with 486 processors on a Marty and enabling cpu flags.


Yeah, I have a Cyrix CX486DRX2 and the associated software, but I wanted to know how to reach the 256kb filesystem so I can turn on the cache immediately at boot time.

EDIT: Also, for anyone interested, i attached the disk image for the CX486drx2 cpu utilities. They work in DOS, i think...
This page also has good stuff