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Someone uploaded something, again...

Started by NFG, August 06, 2019, 07:44:47 am

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Someone added three files to the X68000 file repository last night, but didn't describe them, or indicate a forum username. 

Into the directory /Mirrors/x68pub/x68data/GAME/SFXVI/CHAR/
  • 2KAWAB__.LZH
  • 015_KWA_.LZH
  • 18GOU1.LZH

It would be super great for people to actually tell me what these are when they upload them.  I'm not keen on dropping random files into the archive.


Sorry for the late response, but that was me. I downloaded new SFXVI stuff and wanted to test how do I upload files on the main page. Also yes, I used random username/description because I didn't know what to write.
By the way, when I upload files do they keep their original filedate or they get their uploaded filedate instead? To clarify, I mean if it shows "Day Month 2019" instead of "Day Month 199X".


With my apologies, when the form asks for 'file description' and 'forum username', I'm not sure how you weren't sure what to write.  If you don't tell me what it is, I can't do anything with it.  If you don't tell me who you are, I can't ask you about it.  If you have suggestions for making this more obvious I'll happily hear them.

Your files are dated when they arrive, the original date is lost.


L, does the new upload interface let you add validation to the fields? Fixing it so that the uploads can't happen without a required description would probably save you a little bit of heartache.


Well in this case they weren't even left blank.  Both the username and description were both 'a'.

Now I guess I could do a database check and verify the username but honestly that seems like more effort than should be required for something like this, you know?