Volume pot part number for a tower model?

Started by DejahThoris, August 02, 2019, 07:23:00 AM

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Does anyone happen to have the part number for the volume pot on tower models?

Previous owner mangled the pins on mine.


I think it's basically a Dual 10k Ohm Alps potentiometer similarly to this one


but with a smaller stem, probably specially made for sharp or no longer produced.

I have replaced the one in my Expert by modifying the stem.


The stem on that part is way too big to really modify. How did you cut it down?

I thought about just cutting the assembly open and just swapping the shaft over but the old shaft is what actually broke.

It might be possible to 3d model and print a new knob that will fit, but that would be something of an ordeal.


Turns out that you can cut it down through careful and measured flushcutter abuse:

Installed it and it works great. You may want to order more than one pot in case you mess up - in my case I had to file the connecting end of the knob down very slightly.