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Installing Star Cruiser to Hard Drive

Started by X-Col, July 17, 2019, 12:21:50 am

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Following the release of the fantastic English translation of Star Cruiser: https://nebulous.group/index.php/projects/translations/star-cruiser-x68000/

I decided I would try and do a Hard Drive install as constantly swapping disks to save the game was a real pain!

I used this guide: https://gamesx.com/wiki/doku.php?id=x68000:installing_games_to_hard_drive
which worked a treat. However, when it came to saving the game, I experienced the exact same problem of having to use floppies. This negated the reason for the Hard Drive install.

Is there any solution to this (i.e. save games to Hard Drive)? Or at least be able to save to the Floppy User Disk without having to reinsert disk 2 straight after?

The way it is, you are constantly swapping between Disk 2 and User Disk (in Floppy Drive 1) every time you want to save or load a game.  It spoils the experience IMO


This looks exactly like what I experienced. Unfortunately, I was unable to reach a resolution allowing to play, save, and load without having to use floppies as well.



apologies, never noticed your post from June!

Anyway, just read it and it asks exactly the same thing. As you never received a reply, I'm guessing there isn't a solution to this problem.

Its a shame the translator didn't also incorporate a fix for this as it's a great game!