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SFVXI on Real X68000.

Started by emerald danjon, June 29, 2019, 08:22:00 am

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emerald danjon

Hi all,
im trying to does work SFXVI in my XVI 6MB CF HDD,and i get this


no clue about what is happen,maybe dont find some Scenario?i check on the folder and the Scenario APOCALYP/STAGE.CNF is in the folder...

¿ideas?im trying to find other version of the Game,maybe other less modern just for try if maybe work...,this is the 19/02/22 version found here


in this page i think no  lies other version,thanks in advance,and congrats for the new looking of the forum...looks great \( ̄▽ ̄)/



Sorry to bump this topic, but you mustn't delete the STAGE.CNF file as it's required by the stage format in the game. I'm kind of experienced on SFXVI, so let's see.
-IIRC, some characters like RYU' only run on 8-12 MB.
-A-don's characters (like Mazinger Z, Akazukin Chacha, V.G/Queen of Duellist girls, Sakura, SFA2/SFZ2 Ryu, Arina/Tesse, Skuld, etc.) are on "read only" format so if you choose one on the character select screen, it's probably that you get stuck on the versus screen. (happened to me on XM6 when I first downloaded the characters on the author's now-closed website.)
If you're using Disk Explorer, open the .hdf file and drag the character's files to a folder and disable/uncheck the read-only attribute of the files on Properties. Once you did this, copy and paste the files on the same character's folder. You must overwrite the files to do so.
-Just in case, try redownloading again or open the .hdf with Disk Explorer and check if there are missing files.

I didn't watch the video as it got deleted sadly, so can you describe what happened on the deleted video? Sorry if I sound dumb and possibly rude here on my first post, but I'm kind of curious. (Sorry for my bad English.)

By the way, there's some hidden characters inside the .hdf file. I think there were the team "Ikari Warriors" or something. ;)


(The currently released HDDimage has been corrected.)

(Incorrect location folder path.)


CHAR_PATH=SFXVI/CHAR/      追加キャラデータ格納パス
STAGE_PATH=SFXVI/STAGE/      追加キャラデータ格納パス

CHAR_PATH=./CHAR/      追加キャラデータ格納パス
STAGE_PATH=./STAGE/      追加キャラデータ格納パス