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Favorite X68000 games?

Started by lukester, February 19, 2019, 02:26:29 pm

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Gotta spruce up the discussion a bit, what are you Top 5?


In terms of exclusives, I'd say:

Cho Ren Sha 68K
Ah My Princess!
Etoile Princess

In terms of arcade ports, I'd say:
Ghouls N Ghosts
Gradius II
Sorcer Striker
Atomic Robo-Kid


I'd say so far for original content:
Etoile Princess
Die Bahnwelt

The rest are usual suspect arcade ports such as Dai Makai Mura, Strider, Gradius, Parodius etc.


I really enjoy Geograph Seal, even with the slowdown on a standard X68000.  Aquales is a pretty fun exclusive as well.


I'm a Sega fan, so I like that

Alien Syndrome
Super hang on
Space Harrier

They are much better than the Amiga versions


Star Wars - that's why I bought an X68000.

I'm not a real shoot-up fan, but there are many great titles.

Since I am German and can not speak Japanese, there are many adventure songs that I unfortunately can not play.


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My favorites so far:

Geograph Seal (Did anyone get these cheats to work https://www.gamespot.com/geograph-seal/cheats/? I didn't, but they maybe because I have a keyboard adapter and ps/2 keyboard)
Die Bahnwelt
Alien Syndrome (is there some cheat/trainer available?)
Star Wars

And since there are soooo many shmups (and it's  not my most favorite genre as well), I haven't decided on favorites yet.


May 13, 2019, 02:11:00 pm #6 Last Edit: May 19, 2019, 05:59:22 pm by dos
Non arcade/Exclusive
Chorensha 68K
Cyber Core
Die Bahnwelt
Direct X
Dive On
Genocide 2
Geograph Seal
Last Battalion
Mad Stalker
Metal Orange EX
Nemesis '90 Kai
Otoko Dama
Sol Feace
Star Luster
Star Trader
Super Star Shooter
Thunder Force II
Zero Master Striker
Zero Rei

Arcade (really just a listing of arcade games I like that happen to be on the system off the top of my head and probably forgetting a bunch more, now we have better ways to play arcade games so these ports are obsolete)
Atomic Robo Kid
Dragon Spirit
Hishouzame/Flying Shark
Galaga '88
Genpei Toumaden
Gradius 2
Image Fight
Kyukyoku Tiger/Twin Cobra (incorrectly listed in the HDD image collections as "Tiger Heli" iirc)
Pac Land
Star Force
World Court

EDIT: If anyone has recommendations for quality non- arcade port games not listed here beyond what is already on the common HDD images I am all ears.

emerald danjon

Hi,i really like some versions of games i was play when kid on MSX,like Ys3 and XAK or Emerald Dragon and others RPG games,Last Armageddon is amazing on Sharp X68000,the game is fast!.

Gofer,Salamander,Phalanx,Parodius,Nemesis90 are for me great versions i really enjoy this kind of games.

Aquales,Xadlak,Dive On,Scorpius,Naious are some of the exclusive Sharp X68000 Games what i really like,