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More Detailed Schematic for PSX Controller Emulation w/ 74XX?

Started by T_O, June 17, 2019, 11:33:08 am

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While looking into PSX controller emulation (NON-DualShock), I saw that NFG already covered the topic (https://gamesx.com/controldata/psxcont/psxcont.htm#CIRCUIT).

However, the section on building the circuit using "74xx" ICs gives limited info, and tech talk admittedly goes a ways beyond my knowledge. What I'm looking for is the full schematic.

Thanks in advance!



I think I figured it out...mostly. I'm drawing up a schematic in KiCAD right now, and I only have a few questions:

1. The DATA pin of the controller plug connects to SER OUT, correct?

2. Where does the COMMAND pin of the controller plug connect to? I must've re-read the entire page 15 times and still can't decipher where COMMAND goes.

3. Are the 74HC165 pins not associated with buttons (A1-A8, B1-B8, etc.) left with no connection? Or do they share a connection? COMMAND, maybe?

Thanks in advance!


Here is the schematic I drew up in KiCAD. Notice the numerous NC's on the data input pins and the H2 (COMMAND) kinda floating out there alone. Again, any feedback is appreciated.


I was able to finish putting the schematic together (pic attached), thanks to some help I received. However, it's still not working. No response from any button input whatsoever.

The only thing that gave me anything was when I was fooling around on the breadboard, trying different connections, and removed the connection from pin 17 of U6 (the 74HC240). Playing Twisted Metal 2, in the title menu, the cursor just started endlessly going to the right (about 4 times per second). Reconnecting doesn't stop it, but oddly enough, when I do that and then insert CMD IN between pins 16 and 17, the cursor movement will stop at random for about half a second, and button presses (any of them) will sometimes freeze the cursor; holding the button will not keep it still, however, and no button will advance me past the title menu.

By the way: is pulling up the highs in U1 - U3 even necessary, or should I just go directly to 5V on the highs? OR should I also be pulling down the lows with resistors?