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Space Harrier

Started by topoption, June 09, 2019, 02:59:49 AM

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I was wondering I have an original copy of Space Harrier that just has a distorted picture when I try to play it.  I got a copy of the game and it is doing the same thing has anyone else encountered this?


Space Harrier boots in 15khz. What monitor are you using, and can you play any other 15khz games? A photo would be helpful as it will make it obvious if its a resolution issue or not.

Other examples of 15khz booting games are the Capcom games, Puyo Puyo and Afterburner. Many other games such as Gradius, Parodius Da, Detana Twinbee, Cotton, Dragon Spirit, Salamander can be switched too 15khz during/after boot.


I have a xpc-4 on a standard 31k monitor.


This is what I see.


Check your XPC firmware version, X68k support was greatly improved on.  Also some games will do weird things to it requiring the reset function.


Thanks I will do that.