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Recommended OSSC Settings?

Started by z00pster, June 03, 2019, 07:24:13 am

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I gather quite a few people are using their X68000 with an OSSC and wondered if there were a set of recommended settings?



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For what it's worth this are my settings for 31,5 kHz and only 1 resolution yet, which I tweaked with Akumajou Dracula on a BenQ BL912 connected with a HDMI to DVI cable from the OSSC.

I had to pick 640x512 resolution in the Advanced Timing Tweaker section because:
- I still don't fully grasp the OSSC
- I think (how can I check?) the game runs in either 512x512 or 512x256 and these options are not supported by the OSSC, guess it's time for a request there
- I could tweak the vertical size/position (correct 512 size), but could not tweak the horizontal size/position (I assume because of the wrong horizontal pixel amount I selected), see I don't fully grasp the OSSC :)

This is for the latest 0.83 firmware, and the JSON should be pasted in this tool http://pbnl.byethost7.com/ossc/profiles/ and then you can generate a binary config file to be loaded by your OSSC. Planning to extend this for other resolutions (if even needed). And let the JSON exchange begin, i'd love to see some better profiles here than mine, I'm sure that's possible.


PS pretty stupid, this character limit per post, now I can't embed the JSON in this message :(


I need to setup my OSSC for some capturing at some point. I recently got a new capture device but need to rebuild my gaming A/V rig.

Are you asking for playing on an lcd or for capturing? Because given the range of X68000 resolutions, timings and in some games the ability to easily switch res on the fly/in the menu it makes a big difference what your target output method is.

If it's for playing on an lcd, you may need to adjust the vertical image size/position by adjusting the various timings which is going to depend on your screen. But that's probably all you really need to do.

If it's for capturing you need to take more account of not only the image being generated, but also the capabilities of the capture card.

emerald danjon

I use Micomsoft XPC-4 on Sharp Computers and for my works fine,i capture from an Avermedia lite conected from the Micomsoft to the Capture device HDMI Via,and imho the results are not bad.

for some reason when i upload a video from X68000 and from PC9801/PC9821 the X68000 videos always have less resolution"using the same config on the XPC-4".

i have curiosity for other systems like OSSC,someones are more easy"affordable"to find.



Guys sorry for being a noob but if I buy an OSSC can I connect my X68000 to it by scart/VGA and will any games running in 15khz be correctly displayed on my non 15khz monitor?


Quote from: swisstoni on July 02, 2019, 09:42:08 pmGuys sorry for being a noob but if I buy an OSSC can I connect my X68000 to it by scart/VGA and will any games running in 15khz be correctly displayed on my non 15khz monitor?
Yes, in theory. OSSC should provide a video signal accepted by your monitor (probably in 2x mode). However it will always depend on your monitor, because not all monitors accept refresh rates that are "non standard". So for example some models require 60hz and may not certain ranges outside that. The same is true of some capture cards. 


I use the OSSC for my X68000 on an 32inch LCD TV from LG. This works fine. For some resolutions i have to switch from 2x Linemode to 1X (Passthrough) but it displays all what comes from the X68k.
And you can resize the picture to get fullscreen. The X68k has the problem that the picture is on direct VGA connection to big for the screen.


Here are mine, most screen modes work well on my 5:4 DVI monitor

<Sampling opt.>
Allow upsample2x On
  <Adv timing>
  H.backporch 86
  H.active 575
  V.backporch 39
  V.active 512
  H.backporch 100
  H.active 580
  V.backporch 17
  V.active 449
  H.backporch 144
  H.active 1314
  V.backporch 6
  V.active 256

<Output opt.>
240p/288p proc Line 3x
384p proc Line 2x 240x360
480p/576p proc Line 2x
Line 3x 16:9
256x240 aspect 8:7
Tx Mode: DVI (if you have DVI input on your TV/Monitor)

<Scanline opt.>
Scanlines Auto
SI. strength 25%

All other settings left as default

Hope this helps some people :-)