WTS/WTT: UWRC wireless controller PCB sets; looking for MVS, MD & Saturn games

Started by micro, December 15, 2016, 09:48:54 AM

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I'm selling some wireless controller PCB sets from my UWRC (Universal Wireless Retro Controller) project. These PCB sets are assembled, tested and ready for shiping. They include everything that's needed to make a standard wireless controller wireless.

Now I'm able to offer not only grey, but also black enclosures for the receiver. Black might be a better fit for certain consoles (PAL/US Saturn; Core Grafx etc.) I also got some cable mountings/strain reliefs in grey as well as black. You can chose your receiver shell color as well if you want a cable mounting installed or not. :)
Update: Unfortunately the seller of the black enclosures has almost tripled the price! I can still provide the black enclosures but that means there will be an extra charge... :(

Shipping & payment: I can offer worldwide registered airmail shipping up to 500g for 7€ and I accept payments through Paypal.

wireless Saturn controller PCB sets

wireless Playstation controller PCB sets

wireless PC-Engine controller PCB sets

wireless receiver for Megadrive/Genesis

  • receiver with shell
  • installation guides: not available yet.
    (Short version: Just solder a 9-pin Genesis controller cord or extension cable to the receiver PCB and you're set. Hold the receiver button while turning the console on to force the receiver into 3-Button mode.)
  • 0 receiver left (more soon?)
  • price: 30€ per receiver

Games I'm looking for

I'm also willing to trade the wireless PCB sets for games that I've been looking for a while:

NeoGeo MVS (region doesn't matter, but label sticker must be original and should be undamaged)

  • Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
  • Art of Fighting 2
  • SNK vs Capcom
  • Waku Waku 7
  • Blazing Star
Sega Megadrive (japanese version only)

  • Contra Hard Corps (keep dreaming ^^)
  • Bare Knuckle
  • Bare Knuckle 3
Sega Saturn

  • Elevator Action Returns
  • Kingdom Grandprix
  • Radiant Silvergun


Update: PC Engine sets and Megadrive receiver are available now. Now I can also provide black shells for the wireless receivers as well as grey & black cable mountings.



Im looking for a Sega Saturn and Playstation wireless set and if possible a dreamcast set. I sent a PM. I have some other questions for you.


I sent a pm. I'm looking to buy just the straight wire-able hardware so I can depopulate and wire up my own pads. I'm also looking to build plastic enclosures myself. I think it would be great to offer the option for more diy inclined customers to order just the bare pcbs so we can build them into any controller and project box we want.



Sent you a PM to order one of the PS1 PCB kits (and some other questions about Genesis). Thanks.


Hey, if anybody has a wireless receiver for Saturn they would be willing to sell me, please send me a message. I've been asking the guy that made these for the past 6 months. One of mine does not work. It acts like it is giving a signal and every button press shows the indicator light as if it is working, but nothing happens on the Saturn. It isn't a conflict with the other controller. I've desoldered and resoldered it so many times it's sick. Tried repairing traces. I'm at my wits end with it and just want another wireless receiver. I'm happy to pay the OP for one. I don't fault him, but my controller is useless without it. Retro-bit is coming out with new bluetooth units soon and while that is going to be a cool option, mine are matching "this is cool" clear, and I'd like to keep it that way. Thanks for reading.



Hello !

interested in a single pcb + receiver for pc engine.

it's possible ?