FDX68 floppy Disk Drive emulator for X68000 from RaSCSI and XM6 creator!

Started by hyrulebr, April 25, 2018, 02:49:00 am

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Hi Guys

A new creation from GIMONS! 

Floppy drive disk emulator running in Raspberry PI (same way as RaSCSI).

All details here:


I use RaSCSI and love it. But i think it works better because I setup up to 8 HDD images and you donĀ“t have to change that often. But with floppy images you have to keep a keyboard and HDMI display at hand to change images all the time.

And maybe in the future we can have a board with both RaSCSI and FDX68 connectors to use just one Raspberry pi  8)


Oh, that's extremely interesting!. I don't have a RaSCSI; but I found really useful the idea of emulate external floppy drive units (yep, I love these noisy devices) :)

How can be adquired?, contacting Gimons or maybe through athorized distributors?, can't see any way to contact him in the page pointed above (seems that there's an email in his home page but he states that he doesn't check it too frequently)


I bought my RaSCI board here (using a proxy service):


This store is an authorized dealer. I think they will have it in stock as soon as available.

You can also follow Gimons on twitter for updates or even ask directly to him:



AFAIK they aren't for sale yet. I'm sure tomcatzzz@Gamernium will be making them and they will be available at Kadenken.


it would actually be a very good item to have....hope it will be issued soon. Anyone who has some news first, please inform us all......


OK, so coming back to the FDX68, when I understand it correctly, on my ACE this would only make sense for playing multi disk games if I also jumper the internal drives to C & D.