X68000 XVI Tower Battery replacement

Started by TortoiseFire, October 24, 2018, 12:29:39 AM

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Been searching the forum and googling, coming up with conflicting info regarding swapping out the battery in the XVI tower.
Maybe Leonk or BlueBMW can offer some advice.

Is it a rechargeable battery that is needed?
Will a ML2032 rechargeable battery inside a standard CR2032 holder work?



The original battery I believe is 3.6V.  But the SRAM used on the X68K can hold its data with as little as 2.5V.  So a 3V battery would be more than sufficient (it's also how retro carts like NES, SNES and Genesis did game save - SRAM + 3V CR2032).

But there is a charge circuit in the X68K - so you can't use CR2032 - they might blow up from trying to charge them!  A better solution is to use the recharchable CR2032 also known as ML2032.  Standard CR2032 battery holder would work great.

This is no different than what PC Motherboards have been doing for years to store their BIOS settings.


 that is exactly the info I need. I will go ahead and order a battery and holder from Console5.

thanks Leonk, appreciate the help.


FTR the XVI tower has pads for two types of batteries - the outer + pins are for a non-rechargeable CR2450 (what mine came with), and the center + pin is for a rechargeable battery. The outer pins are connected via a diode, so they will not try to charge the battery. I replaced mine with a CR2032 holder.