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How to create bootable floppy for PC-9801? I have floppy images in fdi and D88 f

Started by agoo, December 26, 2018, 11:17:12 pm

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I have a NEC PC-9801DS/U2 and a NEC PC-9801BX computers with no hard disk. DS model only accept scsi hard disk and BX model only accept IDE hard disk. Non has hard disk but I am trying to find one for each. IDE is easy to find. When I turn both on I saw on the screen memory is OK and stops there. Nothing else (DX model shows a secntence in Japanese at the center which I don't understant and stops). 3 questions:

1- how I can get these computers into setup (bios) screen?

2- How I can create bootable floppy (using windows xp) to boot from floppy drive (I have floppy images suitable for this computers in "fdi" and "D88" formats) ?

3- I have hard disk image for this computers in "img" and "nhd" formats (downloaded from here: h**ps://nfggames.com/PC98/index.php/HDDimages/ ). How I can write these images into an IDE hard disk to use it with the computer?

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