Seeking X68000/X68030 expert for service

Started by DarrylRevok, November 14, 2018, 01:44:00 am

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After several years of admiring the platform from afar, I have decided to take the plunge and purchase a X68000 or X68030 system.

However, I don't have the skills, equipment, knowledge, or time to perform the service that these machines require to run reliably.

Furthermore, I would like to have the system upgraded, and installed with a user friendly method of loading games that doesn't rely on volatile magnetic disks. I would ideally like to have any upgrades installed which would bring the machine to its maximum capacity. While I'm not extremely well-versed on all of the options, I understand there are RAM upgrades and accelerator boards and other improvements available.

I realize that this work won't be cheap, but it would be worth it to me to have the system done and know that it will remain in top shape for many years.

Since these systems don't come up every day, it may still be some time before I purchase one, but I am definite that I will be purchasing one when the right system becomes available for sale.

I am located in the United States.

Thank you!


Is there nobody who's willing to service these machines?

It doesn't have to be you. If you have a recommendation, I would really appreciate it.

There's got to be somebody out there who can do this. I'm not trying to low-ball anybody on the costs. You tell me what it's worth for your time.


acquiring the system is more difficult than finding someone to fix it. For SD based solution you will need the keyboard as well. Try to find with extra ram or buy the ram at the same time.


I got a Compact, XSIMMVIc, Keyboard, SCSI2SD, SCSI Cable Adapter, and CyberStick.

Still seeking someone to repair it.


compacts are probably the hardest repair job of all X68K. :(

Unlike the older X68K, where the main PCB uses through hole capacitors and only the PSU fails, with these it’s the other way around. The PSUs are actually more reliable but Sharp switched to SMD capacitors that leak on the entire MB causing many broken traces. The 3.5” FD are also made of toilet paper and mostly fail by looking at them. :(

I’ve done a few compacts with 1 that after 8+ hours was just a write off.


I don't care about the FDD. I wanna throw that out and replace it with a floppy emulator.

Does this mean it's hopeless to get this model serviced? Do I need to throw this one out and start over?  :-[




There's a lot to take in getting started with these machines. I've got a lot of good help from people in the X68k community, but unfortunately I think I might have jumped into buying the Compact before collecting enough information.

It sounds like the best, most realistic option is going to be to sell the Compact when it arrives. The small size is nice, but I'm not going to be able to repair it or have it repaired any time soon.

I bought the last new XSIMMVIc that Beep had available, and that will go along with it, as well as a recap kit from Console5.

If there's anybody here in the community who's interested in it, let me know. I'd like to get my money back. If I end up taking the time to take photographs and list it on eBay and have to pay their fees, I'm going to try to make a small amount from it.

I'll be looking into getting another unit before too long, but one that's easier to repair and maintain.


I'm confused - is your Compact broken and non-functional?  Or is it still in the mail?


Both of those are true. Technically it's still in Japan until I decide I'm not going to bundle anything else with it.

I'll likely use DHL when I do ship so it will be here just a couple days after I decide to bring it in.

The listing said that it didn't work. I figured that any X68k would likely need repairs anyway.


Ah gotcha.  Yeah, if the Compact was functional, then it would likely just need a full recap and battery replacement and you'd be good to go.  But if it's already non-functional then all bets are off.  Most techs that deal with X68k has a graveyard of extra non-functional parts - I definitely do.  They aren't easy machines to diagnose and repair once they're dead.

That said, I don't agree that "any" X68k would likely need repairs.  Any unit you buy should definitely receive a fresh battery and full recap ASAP if it hasn't had it already, but it's definitely possible (and recommended) to start off with one that's already functioning when you first receive it.  The earlier full-size models are generally more robust since they use through-hole caps instead of SMD caps.