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Started by leonk, August 17, 2018, 02:38:11 PM

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So now that ROM sites are dying thanks to Nintendo, where is one supposed to find X68K games? These games need to be saved or lost forever!!!


I want to caution everybody about how and when we link to other people's software. To add to kamiboy's post, it's well known that the Internet Archive has a special exception that allows them to host ROMs for historical and preservation purposes. What's not entirely clear (or globally applicable) is whether or not we're allowed to direct people to specific archived pages that they didn't search for themselves. It's a grey area.

To repeat something from one of the pinned posts, please exercise caution and restraint. If a DMCA request or some other regulatory order comes through that requires us to take action, I'm going to be forced to take whatever action is needed to protect the forum and the individual administrators from being fined or prosecuted. To be clear, none of the previous posts in this thread has crossed that line yet in my judgment, but I want to raise the issue before we get anywhere near that line.


you could always just buy the games you want on the second hand market...


That is not always an option if you have no means of playing them, such as if you have a Compact XVI or a machine with nonfunctional floppy drives. This is a problem affecting most X68000 users actually. Not to mention even if you have functioning 5.25" drives, the floppy disks you purchase might have suffer from age related conditions, rendering them useless. Personally I but games just for the sake of collecting, they are not often in a state where they are perfectly playable from start to end.