Mounting a CD Rom

Started by Jehuty, November 17, 2018, 01:55:15 AM

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Is it possible to mount a CD or DVD Drive attached via scsi to get a drive letter so i can use it in Human OS and LHES?
With the cdrom.x i can read CD and DVD but only with 8+3 filenames.
I don't use the cddrv.sys. If i it makes no change If i load it in Config.sys.
Is there a WAY to get more than 8+3 filenames in cdrom.x?


I just use SUSI for Human68k. 


ok susie.x works and i got a drive letter. But my problem with the 8+3 filenames still exists.
I burned a dvd with some xdf in ISO9660. UDF doesn´t work at all.