no video on X68000 compact. SOLVED!

Started by gypsie, October 02, 2018, 09:35:56 PM

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Yesterday, i was playing on my X68k compact when suddently the picture has disappeared.

I ve turned off-on the computer but sadly, i ve only a black screen now. I can't run a game and hear the sound but i ve no picture!!!!

I ve checked the video cable on another x68k and it works fine.

All capacitors have been changed.

according to this :

Do you think that could be the solution?

Thank you everybody.


Can you provide more info? How do you have it hooked up? What is your display device? What is your video cable?

When you say "all capacitors have been replaced" you mean all the SMD capacitors on the motherboard, or just the capacitors inside the power supply?

With compacts, the SMD capacitors are KILLER.  They all leak.


All capacitors changed, motherboard and psu.

Video cable is good ( tested on another X68K). I'm using a CRT VGA 31KHZ screen.

I will try to change the 74ALS04.


Just changed  the 74als04, video output it's ok now!