Are we having fun yet?

Started by NFG, August 18, 2018, 10:22:15 PM

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You may have noticed some downtime!

This server runs on Linux, and a recent update completely hosed the entire thing, to the point where GRUB would say "here's a disk, here's what's on it!  But you can't access any of it because it's outside the HDD, somewhere.  Perhaps it's on the lawn, frolicking with the birds."

I paved over the whole mess and reinstalled, and that's how we got through the last week, until...  That same update nuked the whole thing in a different way!  "Welcome to Emergency Mode!  You can never, ever leave.  Except this one time, for a few hours.  But never again."

And that was last night through to this morning.  Today it was mostly down while I took care of Real Life things, and then I reinstalled the entire OS.  That was good for a few hours, until I moved the box back to its permanent home and it died again, refusing to get past Emergency Mode.

So I've shunted everything to an older, slower, but fully functional server.  Fully functional!  I suppose by typing these words I am cursing the whole operation.

But no matter!  It runs.  We lost, at most, four hours of today, but I don't think there was anything posted.  If there was anything lost, I am sorry.

Perhaps don't tell me about it.  I've had a really shitty time with this and I'm ready to crack.  =(

Anyway, it's all working, the backups are next.  Do you suppose every five minutes is too often?