x68030 SCSI adapter (Finished, working)

Started by Spitko, June 25, 2018, 06:09:33 AM

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A cursory scan of the internet didn't turn up anything.

It looks like the 030s use a 2.0mm pitch IDC50 header. Does anyone sell an adapter for these? I'm guessing no, but figured I'd check before I start exploring more painful routes.

Update: Worked up an adapter, need a bit of help testing it, see this post for info.

Update 2: Now works!

How to build your own:

  • Download the attached gerbers, and send them to the board house of your choice. I recommend OSHPark if you're in the US.
  • Order AWHW2 50A-0202 (50 pos female header, 2mm, keyed, RA) and PPPC252LJBN-RC (50 pos male header, .1", non-keyed, RA). You don't need these EXACT part numbers, these are just the ones I happened to grab off digikey.
  • Optional: Also ordered a little .1" male single row pin header for the HDD LED. You only need one pin here but the board is set up for 3 pins in case you need an additional +5v or GND (You don't). If using SCSI2SD, a simple female to female jumper will complete this circuit, or you can just solder a wire straight to the board.
Q: Will this work for {device}?
A: Maybe! I've only tested this with SCSI2SD on an x68030. Any other config is a gamble.

Q: I don't know anything about gerbers and board houses, where can I just order the dang PCB?
A: You can order from OSH Park here. Turn time will typically be <2 weeks inside the US. Not sure if they service anywhere else. This does NOT include the headers or any assembly, JUST the PCB.

Q: Where can I get the headers?
A: Here, and here from Digikey. But these are super common parts and you should be able to order them from basically any place that sells components.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: The board can be spun for <$10 and the headers shouldn't run more than $5. Total price should be <$20 shipped.

Q: I want to make a change to the PCB, where can I find design files?
A: https://circuitmaker.com/Projects/Details/Spitko/x68030-scsi-adapter


I was never able to find anything with my X68030, so I opted for an external SCSI solution instead.


I have had several, but they are dangerous because they have power, I made a short circuit with an aztecmonster to put it backwards, although as the computer is well done I do not damage it except in a couple of fuses that are for that.


Is the pinout actually different from the usual connector? If not I could mock up a straight adapter fairly easily.


Update: It does NOT use the standard SCSI IDC50 pinout.

If someone can produce a correct pinout, I just need to update my adapter and I can release files. The thing costs less than $20 shipped.

Update 2: Found the pinout. It's actually some kind of weird 40 pin + 8 pin jobby that often gets combined into 50 pin. Will work up an adapter shortly. lets just hope my bad adapter didn't damage the SCSI bus.




This seems to work.


I burned the image from the NFG file archive, and if I boot from floppy, I can drop back into console, CD to the drive, launch games, etc. However, if I try to boot from it (with boot set to STD) I just get a blank screen. I THINK this is just me missing a configuration step somewhere.

Maybe someone's seen this before? There's not a ton of 030 specific information out there, and a lot of the remaining information seems to be SASI oriented; often being very unclear as to which machines require which steps.


Fixed and working. I just had the scsi2sd set up wrong.

Updated the OP to include ordering info, parts list, gerbers, etc.

Unfortunately, it seems x68030 compatibility is worse than I'd thought. I had figured the later games would work better, but it seems the reverse is true somehow.

Oh well. Still nice to get a proper HDD in this thing, as writing floppies is the opposite of fun, so any amount less of that is very welcome.


Great job getting the adapter made!  I'd be all over it if I didn't already have an external SCSI setup worked out.

Game compatibility on the X68030 is actually pretty good with a little bit of tweaking - I've been able to get about 98% of the library running on mine so far. Make sure you're using the image of 030 patched games here:


Also, if you boot the X68030 with XF1 held down, it starts up in compatibility mode for the original 10mHz X68000.  Booting with XF2 held down starts up in 16mHz X68000 XVI.  That also gets a lot of games running.

I've been working through the games library putting together an X68030 compatibility spreadsheet along with a comprehensive SD image.  They should both be ready to share soon.


just a quick FYI, there is one seller on ebay with a 2.5" to 3.5" SCSI adapter.
I bought one many years ago that I use on an Amiga 3000 with the 2.5" version of SCSI2SD and it works well. This adapter is not available now, it seems the one above on ebay is the only commercial solution available.
The adapter can be used the other way with 2.5" cable on the computer-side by plugging in some male pin header strips into the female 2.5" header and female pin strips into the IDC50 header.


I saw those but didn't want to have a stack up of three adapters to plug scsi2sd in.

Also my adapter costs about as much as the linked ebay part; once you add the two requisite adapters it gets worse.

Obviously it's not a solution for everyone since you have to solder it yourself, but it was easy mock up and figured I might as well share the board files.


Sorry for resurrecting an old thread. Just wanted to say thanks for making this! It worked for me. I have a couple extra left over in case any one else needs or wants one.