X68000 File Archive: Info & Updates

Started by NFG, March 26, 2021, 11:53:05 AM

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The Archive

The archive is alive, and ready to serve up all the goodies you might need or want.  Access it here:

X68000 File Archive

Important Uploads Reminder

When you upload files to the X68000 file archive, you should explain what it is, and where you think it should go.  If you don't, I may ignore or mis-categorize your contribution.

Please, contribute to the archive, but don't forget to make your efforts more easily utilized.  👍


Latest File Additions

I have a feeling I've got another thread somewhere that attempted to do this, but I can't find it.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Dec 24, '22
BabaJeanmel uploaded 4 new HDD conversions (Dragon Knight 1 & 2, Dokyuusei, and Words Worth.  They're in HDD-Games.

Apr 30, '22
Messias uploaded 35 games, which have been put in Games and HDD-Games.

Jan 30, '22
'Guest' uploaded the following files, which have been moved to Games:
A working version of "Phantasie IV" from Starcraft. Converted to 2HDSE (D88) format to make the game boot.
A HD-install of Phalanx, which works perfectly on Emulators like XM6 etc ...
PasoComic Purple Cat Vol. 2 - Hospital Tokushuu - HD & FD install versions

Sep 9, '21
Someone uploaded 3 LZH archives with some .X files and a bunch of music/audio content.  They are Bosconian, Space Harrier and Dragon Spirit, and they're now in FTP/Music/

Mar 26 '21
XM6 Type G 332L30 (2020 12 31)

January 23, 2017
Mirrors -> Site Archives
  - DOKONAZO Programs & Datas Collection 1-3
  - DOKONAZO CD 2.iso

Documentation -> Books
  - X68000 Assembly Language Programming - Graphics
  - X68000 Assembly Language Programming - Introduction
  - X68000 Game Programming with GCC

Documentation -> PSU
  - X68DENBA.PDF              (this is a power supply repair guide & parts list)

  - MiniV2.7z
  - LastTempest.zip
  - Y2.lzh

  - X68000Pics.rar

Pic -> Misc

Pic -> MODISK_Labels
  - X68000_GAMES_LABEL_FOR_3.5_INCH_MO_DISK_01-05

  - (diskmag) [PF] Offside X680x0 Volume 1-3
  - (diskmag) [PF] Fake-Offside X680x0 Volume 1 (Festa68-02)

Development -> Samples
  - develop1.xdf  develop2.xdf
  - gccgame1.xdf  gccgame2.xdf
  - gameprg1.xdf  gameprg2.xdf