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Moderation reminder

Started by kendrick, April 21, 2018, 08:54:20 AM

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Hi everybody. As the x68000 forums are now the most active part of the GameSX board, I wanted to take a minute to do some moderation reminders and talk about a few issues specific to this part of the NFGGames world.

* A lot of discussion about the x68000 system centers on preservation and distribution. At risk of repeating something from an old thread, there's no legitimate avenue to purchase or distribute software at this time, so there's always a danger that others might question the legality or the legitimacy of the activities being discussed. Please exercise discretion when discussing the creation, debugging, or sharing of x68000 disk images.

* Since this place can also be a marketplace for x68000 hardware, I'd like to point you to the Buy/Sell/Trade (BST) forum guidelines linked below. If you haven't read this post already, please have a look and keep these guidelines in mind if you would like to buy from or sell to other board members. In particular, please have an awareness of what should be communicated in public, or in private, as you conduct business. The BST guidelines are found here:

* Related to board member communication, I'd like to remind everyone to be civil and respectful to one another. I don't have any patience for name calling, personal attacks, or any behavior that makes people feel unwelcome or unwilling to participate. The x68000 enthusiast scene is a very small group of people that's not really growing, and I'd rather we all be friends as long as we can.

* GameSX is not a public space. NFG owns these forums outright, and the staff that administers the place takes all their direction from him. What that means is that the board isn't a democracy, and it's not run by consensus. If the GameSX staff makes decisions or takes action that you disagree with or object to, we respectfully invite you to explore alternative online communities that may better suit your needs.

That's all for now. Please contact me or NFG if you have any questions or specific concerns. Thanks everybody.