Started by craiganderson, September 25, 2014, 08:33:35 AM

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hello again
anybody have racing champ in .xdf, .dim. or any kind of file that can be played by an emulator?
i will eventually learn to convert .lzh and .rar to playable files but i do not know how YET



 Hi CraigAnderson !

Good news ! Creating custom HDD images is very easy. Here is how to do it. XM6G allows us to use WINDRV which lets us use local PC directories as hard drives in the emulator. This is very handy when working on translations or other projects.

Tools -> Options -> WINDRV -> WindrvXM -> Select the desired directory which you would like to use

Boot from V4. If all went well, you shoul see LHES. Here are the main keys which you will need to know:

Numpad 1: previous drive
Numpad 3: next drive
F5: Specify EXTRACT or TEMP directory
F1: Extract LHA archive to EXTRACT path
BACKSPACE: Go up one directory
SPACE: Select multiple files/directories
K: Create directory
R: Rename file/directory
DEL: Delete selected files/directories
C: Copy selected files/directories
M: Move selected files/directories
E: Edit file
HELP: Help file ;)

Use numpad to switch to the SCSI template and select desired directory as EXTRACT path. You should see your selected path in the upper left corner of LHES status screen. By default it is "A:/". Copy the LHA archive to the WINDRV specified directory and use numpad to switch to it. Highlight the desired LHA file and press F1 to extract its contents to the selected EXTRACT path.

Now you will need to customize the main autoexec.bat to "CD" to the games directory and the !Start.bat (if it uses subst.x).

Racing Champ HDD

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I got error when I click link above instead downloading "RACIG CHAMP".


Thanks for reporting the problem!

The uploads folder was never designed to be permanent, those files get moved to the appropriate locations.     

Also here:

(I'm not 100% sure these are the same file, sorry)