space harrier floppy protection

Started by hoshikawa, March 12, 2018, 07:55:19 PM

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i'm trying to make a custom space harrier floppy with the ajoy driver and modified harrier file from afterburner, when I write the floppy and change the files out it seems to load but boots to a black screen which I believe is some sort of disk protection. so my question is, can I do this?


It's not protection, Space Harrier is the most hacked up game on the system lol.

The patch isn't meant to work as you are trying to iirc.  It's meant to be on the Afterburner disk, or HDD and used to launch Space Harrier off it's original floppy.

The MIDI and CD-Audio fan patches use custom .x files which supersede the original ones, allowing the analog patch to work off a single disk or HDD.