fixed FZ-1 3DO worm gear

Started by jetblue, June 03, 2013, 04:29:36 AM

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hi,thoght id share my latest repair adventure with a fz-1 3do.
symptoms were no playback from unit not even spinning. first thought was a laser so began searching for a laser. to remove th elaser you need to disassemble the gear train used to move the gear. when taking apart i saw a very noticeable crack on the worm gear:

i thought thats not enough to cause faliure but i decided to test it. if i move the worm gear away from the crack and power on the unit sure enough it starts spinning the game and turns the laser long enough till it reaches the crack and stops again. this showed me the laser still had life the cracked gear is the cause of the faliure.
began the painful process of finding suitable replacement gears. first i bought this bundle off ebay:
i didnt go by size was just hoping there was something in that bundle i could use. i only got 1 big gear out of it. its hole was too small so i had to drill till it fit.
the worm gear on the unit was still good but was shaped more to an angle as was its original gear for a perfect fit. it wasnt making good contact with the new gear so i had to find one. all the worm gears on ebay have holes 2mm. to fit the motor i need 1.5 mm or smaller. 1.5mm is a perfect tight fit smaller and i would have to drill.
i searched and searched and all i found was this place:
Part No.: GW0.5-01-14
costs $2.50 and they had a $10 minimum  >:( so ordered more worm gears but only that one fit. it wasnt a perfect fit was loose on the other end but tight on one end. to make it fit i needed to cut the tight end:
i used krazy glue to make sure it would stay on tight. crazy glue is used alot for gears in the RC and mini heli world and they do hold on tight and forever. so no worries of it coming loose. and since this was the only place i could find that had a worm gear close enough to what i needed i had no choice.
you can see it as it fits like a glove assembled:

powered on its a little louder than before but it works. hours of playing and no problems.

the specs on the original gears:
7mm long
5mm wide
1.5mm hole

9mm wide
3mm long or 4,has small groove
2.5 mm hole closer to 3mm

8 mm gear,was drilled to fit shaft
worm gear was cut to fit


Bro I know this is a really old post, I just wanted to say that I am super excited to have found this info.  I have searched for a while and couldn't really find any info on the worm gear that had cracked, this is an EXTREMELY common issue with the 3do, I have 2 of them that need this repair.  Same darn crack in the gear.  Anyhow I have just ordered the parts that you ordered (luckily the links all still work) and I am excited to see if I can't get the 3do's to work again. 

I am also trying to find the USB/IDE Hard drive adapter for the 3do because I would love to mod a few of them, they are very rare and I guess they aren't making the mod anymore.

Thank you for putting this info up, I am excited!


Resurrecting this thread, because it's the only damn one on fixing the gear;

I ordered the worm + motor gear from, Part no GM0.5-14-19 (motor gear), and GW0.5-01-14 (worm gear).

Drilled the hole with a 1/8 bit on the motor gear, and glued as described above. Lubed the whole thing up with some silicone spray and it plays like a hot damn now!


Edit: This was also on an FZ-10.. it seems like (based on the pictures from the first post), that the FZ-1 and FZ-10 share the same gear structure.



I'm trying to repair my fz10 drive with the new gear from gizmoszone.

I need help to drill the gear hole

Do you have a good method to drill well ? I'm unable to drill the hole perfectly straight .

Thank you for your help!



It seems that Part no GM0.5-14-19 (motor gear) isn't compatible with the new worm gear GW0.5-01-14 . Worm gear can't spin the worm gear, everything is blocked!

Are you sure that GM0.5-14-19  gear is the good one ?



hey gypsie,im about to attempt this fix again. i should have more info and pics soon and hopefully better links.


I am resurrecting this thread because I am about to attempt the same repair on my FZ-1.  I already tried and failed to find a suitable replacement optical pickup on aliexpress, the spindle rod receiving holes are too small on the one they sent me, but in the process I noticed this gear was cracked.  After cleaning up the rods and lubing them with hoppe's gun oil it actually loaded an original disk for a bit, though that spindle rod is having a hard time turning and I can hear the gear grinding. 

So I'm off to order gears and attempt to use the drill press.  Hopefully this works, as 3DO prices are skyrocketing and I doubt I'd ever buy a replacement or a HDD mod board.