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Started by emerald danjon, March 30, 2018, 01:24:24 AM

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emerald danjon

Hello everyone,
A while ago I have an AES parked, try several times to make it work but with this in particular I do not ring the bell.

is a Japanese of the sque that work with 5v, a few days ago I came across a thing that I found interesting, the Transistor
A green NEC A1442 that is next to the Reset on the left side of the PCB is brutally heated.

Would you change it simply or should I consider changing other points that may be the culprit that this piece is damaged or warmed up so alarmingly?

Could this transistor be the culprit?, the console does not even turn on that red LED it has on the PCB,

Thank you very much in advance,

the Motherboard Revision is NEO AES 3-5.