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GC overheat/crash

Started by Agentspikey95, May 17, 2004, 03:42:17 PM

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Every time i play an intensive game (True crime streets of LA, Smuggler's run: Wazones, etc) my system  locks up. Really badly with true crime though, like within the first 30 minutes of gameplay. anyone have this problem or know the cause? any help is greatly appreciated.
Why are you reading this?


I left my gamecube on for 2 and a half weeks before and no overheating\lockups.
Did you mod it?
forgive my broked english, for I am an AMERICAN


i think you must have the only gamecube on earth that freezes of its own accord.. hell i couldnt even make mine freeze when i tried.. there are two ways i have ever frozen it, 1: get jango fett stuck in alcatraz (thps4) then queue up several hundred tricks. 2: use an action replay to access developer mode in ssbm then spawn several hundred koopas then make their shells bounce around.. thats a guarenteed freeze. as for physical abuse, mine was kicked at a wall during gameplay, no freeze, has fallen off a number of tables during play, no freeze.. i have stood on one foot on top of it without a problem.. all physical abuse can do is knock the disc off its spindle and make a nasty noise with the spindles ball bearing things spining against the plastic on the inside of the disc.. if you open the cover and put the disc back it will resume play when you close the lid. twice ive thrown controllers at the gamecube hard enough to make the lid open, once the disc came out too.. no damage done, no freeze after i put the disc back and closed it. for heat: it was lying on its side on a bed with the fan blocked for over an hour of ssbm before i realized and corrected it.

i think your gcn has become misguided, maybe it thinks its an xbox.


I would have to admit bearing witness to what phreak97 stated.  I've seen him kick the damn console my window ledge 3M across my room, for it to fall down to the ground and the only thing that happened was the lid opened up from hitting something and the disc was lsighted out of it's place, thus causing an annoying scratch on his ssbm disc....other that than no resulted damage was sustained because of the incident.  That's just the start, Throw the controller at the wall, now do that 50 times, now you have the result of....a perfectly good controller!  phreak97's controller's have literally gone to hell and back and back and I notice no difference at all.  The only thing gone wrong was a Z button had slipped out of palce once, but that wasn't the throwing or the destrction we caused to the equipment, it was putting the gcn con back together incorrectly after a simple mod to it, it was justified and all the controller's are in the same cond. as they came brand new, or close to it!

You have to damn admit that the gamecube is one strong mother f*cker.  I mean, I've seen some f*cked up shit happen to the thing, and it dosnt complain,  it just does it's damn job.  You go to even touch a master system, and the thing freeze's on you!  Like that!

Just to add, I don't think I have even met someone who hasn't had to run there playstation (1) balanced on it's end for it to start up (even then, this process usually takes a few tried to get a game working)

If phreak see's his PS2 start to fall of somewhere, he'd dive for the damn thing!  If he see's his Gamecube begin to fall, it meerly falls onto the ground and we pick it up at the end of out game...

by far i like it best, the gamecube that is, I love the games, the consoles, the controllers, and the action replay part of it all :)  Plus, nintendo know what's pretty much going on, they admit there 'console power' isn't as touch as the other companies make there's out to be.  But they rely on true games, PROPER entertainment to the people that buy and support them in any such way.  Sony has just promised us 'a gaming experience'  While nintendo has really made an effort here to sucess themself in a reputable future in the video gaming business.  (These were E3 Events this year, the president of nintendo spoke out some of these poitns)

Anyways, I've got to sleep, my back kills, have fun and try not to flame everything I've said, cus this is my first and maybe last post here...

- Volkov


hm... some testing is due now....oh well thanks.
Why are you reading this?


Holy shit.
I didn't know that a GC was that durable.

I wonder if this beats the fact that an XBOX stopped a bullet.

phreak97 at school

i dont know how an xbox could stop a bullet and still work.. must have been a massive fluke if it still worked


Why don't you keep your consoles near the floor like other human beings, and learn to control your temper?


i dont keep it near the floor because i have cats that like to piss on stuff.. i do control my temper=) i controlled it right into that damn cube:P.. i dont deny i get extremely pissed off at games, but i only abuse things that can take it.