Hellhound Disk Issues

Started by cawley1, February 23, 2018, 12:02:02 AM

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I've tried running off Hellhound onto a physical 5.25" disk using Omniflop, but despite the other images I have done working fine, this one puts up a blue error message at the bottom of the 'Now Loading' screen, after loading for a while.

I've tried both 77 and the usual 78 track formats (what's the difference between these, anyway?), and neither works.

The same file as an image works on XM6 fine.

Any ideas?


Surely someone must have an idea why this isn't working?!


Could be several reasons why it isn't working. I am by no means an expert in this field. Only things I can think of is copy protection or a bad dump. Eventhough it works fine in an emulator, does not mean it works in the real world.


Yeah, we really need more information.  Hellhound was a Takeru-vending machine game, so there is no copy-protection on this one.
However being a later game it certainly requires 2mbs.
You could have a bad-dump, bad floppy, or failing floppy drives.   Just because your drives are reading most disks does not mean they are in pristine condition.  I used to have 2 machines.  One of them worked perfectly except it would not load my retail copy of Bosconian.  However the other machine worked no problem.  Swapping the drives fixed the issue on the first machine.

As for Omniflop, no idea as I find it and xfloppy to be a waste of time.  I do all my disk-writing directly off the real machine itself, far simpler and only the crazily protected games don't work.


Any special reason why you need to have it on floppy disk? Should be possible to run the disk image from hard drive with 2hdboot or something.