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Keyboard adapter fail

Started by corpsicle, November 16, 2015, 09:32:25 PM

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My friend built me one of the adaptors according to Lydux design.
He had to build it blind however, since the x68k was not in a working order at the time.

He used an atmega chip, which has its own clock, so the crystal was left out. (problem?)

I connected a suitable 7pin minidin today according to the pinout but I'm not getting anything at all.
Then i noticed the second picture in Lydux post has 6 pins connected on the x68k side.
I only have four connected, as per the first picture.
Is the first picture wrong or is it just the minimum pins that needs to be connected for it to work?
The extra pins according to the description seems to be "extras" (mouse data, remote signal) but also KBD_TX, is this needed?

I don't get _anything_ when i boot up the machine with the keyboard plugged in.


Ok! First thing, i had connected kbd_rx instead of kdb_tx, and now i can summon a virtual keyboard by smashing the keys.
I have no idea what this means but i guess its progress?


Second error, also wrong connector.
Now i actually think that it works, at least i can now answer "A" on the error screen and it fades away ... =P and "any key" on the boot failure error screen for same effect.

Phew ... now i just have to find out why nothing boots.


i have build this too and nothing works. Could you get it to work ?
Hope that my X68000 has no Keyboard issue himself.