Started by emerald danjon, February 07, 2018, 01:32:01 AM

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emerald danjon

Hi all,
i have this problem on Micomsoft XPC-4,i hope someone can help me,thanks in advance:


emerald danjon

Ok is Fixed,
on the Menu...Options...Reset and OK.
but i need ask other thing,is possible Gradius 2 Gofer subnormality the XPC 4 Unit?,this problem happen when i try visualize Gradius 2 Gofer :o


Does that game use 24kHz display mode? Might just need to hit the automatic screen adjustment option. 24 kHz always end up with a wonky picture for me, but it is fixed by manually selecting that option. Sometimes other content get screwed up after running a 24 kHz game and have to repeat the screen adjustment.

emerald danjon

Hello Samaron,
no...i think Gofer 2 inicialice on 15 KHZ,for some reason in the moment i try see that Game the XPC-4 turns crazy...,
i have fear to try again... :-[