Sega CD Model 1 bios screen freeze

Started by domphino, May 04, 2017, 09:02:50 AM

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I have a Model 1 Sega CD with a first generation Genesis and the appropriate power adapters.  At start-up, it will flash the bios screen for a split second and then go black.  The music that accompanies the bios screen continues to play but controller inputs have no effect (so it isn't as though the system is running normally but without video).  I have inspected the mobo and there is no sign of leaking or corrosion on any of the caps.  Ribbons are in place and the optical drive (gearing and belt) look normal.  During this hang phase, the red access light blinks and the green ready light is steady. 

Beyond this visual inspection, can anyone offer me any guidance on diagnosing this problem further?  Thanks, people.


whoa, weird issue.  Usually stuff like this is going to be either A) caps or B) corrosion on one of the ASICs.  Though, it *might* be a RAM failure.  Id upload hires pics of the chassis if you can.

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