SX-68M-2 MIDI back cover dimensions

Started by samaron, October 17, 2017, 05:44:31 AM

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I'm soon a new owner of a X68000 computer system. The machine comes with a MIDI card (System Sacom SX-68M-2), but it is missing the cover plate that goes over the slot. The one in this picture:

Does anyone own this piece and can use some calipers to give me the exact dimensions of it so I can reproduce this part? I want the various lengts of the cutouts and where the holes are located, and the diameters of the holes. Also want the distance of the holde edges from one of the edges. Even better if it can be put into a dxf file, but not necessary.

Made this crude paint drawing to illustrate what I want measured.


I assume no one has this card with the back plate, or just can't be bothered to measure it. So I started going some rough measurements my self, and some guessing. Made a test in cardboard and seems I got really close. Will do some adjustments and make a new test after the weekend. I'll share the dxf file when I'm done, if anyone else wants to make one.

Current progress:


I have this piece. I've just been extremely busy this week. Feel free to PM me and nag me about it. I will get these dimensions for you.


I'm already making good progress with my own measurements and guessing. Seems I've gotten it accurate enough to make a test in proper material now. Probably a bit redundant to get the actual measurements from an authentic piece at this point, hehe.  :)


Turned out quite nice. 1mm white plastic with black coating. The DXF file was forgotten, so I'll share it tomorrow if it isn't forgotten again (it is saved on another computer).

Nicky Biscuit

Wow, looks really nice. Good work there!


Thank you! Had to call in some help with getting it made. Was done with an industrial laser cutter. Always nice when you know people working with such things. :) Will get the DXF file over the weekend, it seems. Sorry about that.


Here is the DXF file. Please see the attatchment.


Indeed seems that the laser cutting makes the difference, looks absolutely pro, good work!


Quote from: samaron on November 07, 2017, 04:19:28 AM
Here is the DXF file. Please see the attatchment.

Great! I just got my 68030 and it's just come with a SX-68M-2 without back cover. Thanks a
lot for great work!