CHO REN SHA 68K - New 2018 Physical Release - Limited Edition launching April

Started by deathx, February 27, 2018, 08:22:53 PM

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Hi Guys, i'm deathx from 100RETROSHOCK.

On early april we are planning to release a physical version of CHO REN SHA 68K, a weel knowed and great vertical shoot em up for the Sharp x68000.

This Edition will only have 50PCS in total, if you are interested on having one, you can check our website here:  < Ed note: link removed. -KKC >
Real pictures of the item shortly.

Thank you, and long live the x68k!


So I went to your page yesterday, and it said that you had proper permission to do this.
Now it's been edited to say it's a bootleg....  ???

Chorensha never had a retail box release.  However it had multiple "real releases" at Comiket.

And finally the official page of the game is still up, with a gmail address for contact.

This just looks like a quick and dirty cash grab to me.


This is just dirty.  deathx is now banned from making further posts on this forum. 


Deathx is another well known old acquaintance in arcade community (doing conversions and other poor things), there are plenty of them.Sadly money rules all nowadays (also people minds...)