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Trouble copying files

Started by samaron, November 20, 2017, 08:09:41 AM

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I'm having some trouble copying some files between drives. Managed to set up a 2nd HDD externally and want to copy over a bunch of music files from my internal drive. I'm using LHES to make the process easier. However, some files just refuse to copy. LHES pauses the operation and a window with the message "コピー先に同名のファイルが有ります" appear along with a bunch of options. Using some google translate it seems the issue is a duplicate file, that the file already is in the destination folder. If I just hit enter, it skips the file and carry on with the other files. When I navigate to the target folder, the file is not to be found. If I try to copy it once more, it gives the same message yet again.

Anyone have any experience with this and perhaps have some suggestions on how to remedy this?

The external drive was freshly formatted earlier today and size was set to 1000MB. My computer is an XVI model.


Not sure about that issue. You could just write this image to your drive and have all the music. ;)


That's really handy! I'll grab that and use it if I give up on the copy process. The music library on my computer is quite extensive, but unsure if it is complete.

EDIT: Had some help from a Japanese friend that helped me translate some stuff. Once I understood what all the options were, things started to make sense. It seems there are duplicate files after all. The source folder had some files with an underscore in the file name. Those were not copied to the destination. I selected the option to copy and rename the file, and when it were copied over, it had another underscore in the file name. Seems some stuff were copied twice in the past for some reason. Then I guess there really wasn't any trouble after all. :P