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Started by Segasonicfan, November 17, 2017, 05:50:05 PM

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So I'm noticing a few bugs on the forums...

1) the text box for some thread replies expands into the far right of the screen

2) the "more attachments" link doesn't seem to work.

3) other stuff I forget.

just trying to help!


1. I haven't seen this, can you find an URL where this happens?
2. You're right!  That's weird.  I'll see if there's an update to this theme, or something.
3. Oh, I fixed that already.  =P

Keep helping! 


Actually, it's almost certainly related to the recent update to HTTPS, debugger shows a heap of shit not loading because it's not secure.  I'll have a look.


OK, progress is being made.  I've got most of the errors resolved.  Turns out the forum software (SMF) doesn't handle a switch from HTTP to HTTPS very well, a heap of URLs are stored in the database and not updated when the admin settings are.

Just avatars left, I think?  'More Attachments' is fixed, along with heaps of other things.  ^_^


Yeah, OK.  A lot of user avatars are not loading because the URLs used are insecure, and it's a security flaw to load insecure items on a secure page.  My own avatar was being blocked by an overzealous browser plugin, haha. 

I'm calling this done.  If you find anything else, let me know! 


oh hey, sorry I didn't see your replies!  its supposed to email me but it hasn't maybe thats a bug?  I tried to access my account settings and I get routed to a page that says:

Error 500

Internal Server Error



I get emails for this thread, so it's not the system that's broken.  You're right to check your profile.  Is this the URL you're trying?;area=forumprofile

It works for me.  A lot of the time error 500 is a result of bad browser plugins, have you tried a different browser?  Give me more detail and I'll look into it. 


Yup, that link doesn't work (500 error) - on both Opera and Firefox.


Well, I don't have a new version of Opera, and the old one chokes on the SSL.  IE works fine, Chrome works fine, Vivaldi and Firefox work fine.

I'm out of ideas.  No one else has reported the problem...  =/


Hey, did you ever get this resolved?  I just had a guy in Sweden with a similar problem: he gets a 500 on the whole forum.

We've narrowed it down to his router, because other people on his ISP can reach the forum, his phone works via the mobile network but not wifi.


Hey Lawrence,
     Sorry to report back so late. It seems like whatever you did has fixed the issue :)


Awesome news, thanks for the report.  =D

Coincidentally, I spent most of my afternoon breaking the forum in exciting new ways.  ^_^