x68000 newbie saying hello! :)

Started by vanpeebles, November 08, 2017, 08:44:27 PM

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Hello there, hopefully in the next few days, I'll have my hands on an x68000 for the first time.

This board has already proved an excellent source of reading and information, so I thought I'd better join, and say hello! :)


Hi vanpeebles,

welcome to this great community!!

Enjoy your X68000, what model is it?

Not that it matters, they're all great...



Cheers! It's a Pro II desktop in black :)


Welcome aboard!

Cool machine!, If you have found also a matching keyboard and Sharp monitor is a great looking setup :)

Btw, does it have a Xellent accelerator inside? :D


No Xellent I don't think :( I'll have to try a source a proper keyboard too, as it just has a ps2 adapter box, still waiting for the postie :D


Finally had my first go last night, what a great machine. The graphics are lovely with loads of colour, and the sound is excellent too, really impressed!

Next step is to fit the ram card, then look at some kind of hard drive to fit.

Nicky Biscuit

Welcome :)

Enjoy the machine, they become very addictive though!!




Cheers. Next question is does switch.x when setting the ram size save to the sram or settings somewhere? Do you set it once or does it have to be done various times? :)



If I'm not mistaken, switch.x saves absolutely everything into the system SRAM.
SRAM settings are persistent... or may not be, depending on your system battery state.
Replacing the SRAM battery is a good idea, if not done already. You will at least avoid acid leakages.


Sound advice, I'm not sure what state the battery is in, so I'll check that out later when I fit the ram :)


I checked the battery and it looks, although I'll find out if it's kept the settings later :D On the Pro, it appears to be a sony coin cell type battery rather than the barrel one?


Sadly I need a battery, coin cell type :(

How on earth do you type _ when using an x68000 to keyboard adapter?


It depends how the firmware of the adapter has been designed and this must be documented in a manual I guess. Didn't came with yours?


It's a classicpcrescue one, sadly most of the instruction sheet is in japanese! :)