Some undumped doujin games on Yahoo Auction Japan

Started by caius, October 06, 2017, 07:24:49 PM

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Yes, it has been already dumped by 'hyperneogeo' (thanks again to him), you can find his dumps in this thread:

Nicky Biscuit

Ah awesome! I need to read up how to add bits to my CF as I'd like some more Doujin on there :)


Damn, I saw this thread a few days too late to bid on any. I'm hoping the winning bidders on the undumped games are NFGers who will dump the game.


50,000?  LOL.  I hope the buyer really likes hentai pics, as 2/3 of those are just CG Collections.


Lol, I noticed that as well. Hopefully they know what they just spent their money on. XD