Different Khz modes?

Started by MusicForLife, June 23, 2017, 07:49:53 PM

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I have a 17" LCD screen which can be turned into vertical position so it would be perfect for tate mode games on 31khz. Besides my CRT TV, my main screen is Philips CM8833-II for 15Khz only.

Tell me, is there risks when changing the Khz rate when it's on either monitor? Do I need to always detach monitor cable before changing the Khz rate? I read about the horror story of RGB board getting destroyed.

I haven't got my X68000 (PRO) yet but it's coming soon so I need to figure out many basics. (Only disappointment was that I originally wanted the retro futuristic tower model instead of this "formal computer model". But well, the games and the whole set was the buying point for 500€, especially when the computer was already serviced, recapped and drivers cleaned).

Btw, does gamepad to keyboard adapter exist in order to bypass two-button limitation?


I remember when trying to install slackware on my old computer with some old 14" computer monitor. It asked about screen settings in installation and I didn't really know what I was doing and I thought I could just continue. Turns out I fried something inside the monitor in the installation.

Nice set btw.

I think someone made a adapter which can switch between 2-button and 6-button. You need such a switch, because normal 2-button games will not work for me with the 6-button adapter.


Don't be stupid.  If you spent the money for an X68K setup, just get yourself a proper multi-sync monitor or an XPC-4.  You will be much happier and you won't kill anything.  The NEC AccuSync LCD 71v will happily work with all 3 (15/24/31khz) video modes and they are usually very cheap.  Of course they have the usual pixel cut-off issue, but hard to argue with the price as a starter monitor.


When I first started running my X68000 Expert I had a Dell monitor that would handle 31 khz and a sony PVM that would handle 15 khz. I could switch between the two monitors without any problems. If you switch to a resoultion that your monitor can't handle you'll just lose picture/won't see anything. I don't really see how this could hurt your X68000, but who knows. I can say that I never had any issues and I was happy using my setup this way for a few months until I acquired a proper sharp x68000 tri sync monitor which I am very happy with.