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WTB SHARP X68000 XVI ( CZ-634C or CZ-644C )

Started by Hooptymobile, June 08, 2019, 09:14:54 am

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Sending out a beacon here in search of an XVI model. Looking to find someone who has baby'd their system and ready to give it a new home. Not looking for a junker or anything scuffed up on the exterior badly.
I currently own a brand new never used Sony PVM 20L2MD that i hope to connect it to.

My price range lies between 400-1200 but negotiable. I'm watching Japan auctions as well so not going to jump at any offer immediately. Please be understanding as this is my first purchase on an X68000.
If capacitors need replacing please discuss with me directly and other information I may need to be aware of.

* I am not an expert at soldering but I have an elaborate set of equipment and have completed a NES RGB mod recently.

Look forward to what might arise . Otherwise I will patiently watch the WTS threads and auctions.