Convert HDMI to VGA

Started by Andy-Antsinpants, June 21, 2017, 06:23:33 PM

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Hi guys, I'm searching for a quality converter, so I can use HDMI sources (my Laptop Dell Vostro 3360, Raspberry Pi, etc.) with my old TV (Loewe Concept L26, native resolution of 1360x768).

Do you have any expericences with such converters, be it good or bad?
Any warnings?
Any recommendations?

My laptop has a VGA output next to HDMI, but since the driver handles the TV like a generic monitor, it will only output full PC range RGB (0-255), while the TV expects limited TV RGB range (16-235). Thus very light grey will turn into full white, and very dark grey into deep black. The graphics drivers (Intel HD 4000) had been updated but still do not allow any changes in RGB range for "generic" monitors connected to the VGA output. Maybe writing a custom monitor .inf file could help.
I also tested this on a Sony Vaio laptop with a dual GPU Chipset (Intel + Radeon), where the Intel graphics chip handles all 2D stuff. Same as with the Dell Vostro 3360.
I tried the TV's menu options and went deep down into the hidden service menu, but there are no options to change the TV's RGB range on the VGA input from TV 16-235 to PC 0-255.

This is frustrating, since even my Xbox 360 and PS3 allow for limiting the RGB range when being connected via VGA or YPbPr/Component Video, so it matches the TV's range of 16-235.

The converter should provide some input for external power (I've heard these devices consume more power than HDMI can natively provide), be it via USB or a DC input.
It should be able to extract the sound channels from the HDMI source and output it to analog Stereo. SPDIF would be nice, too, but isn't a must-have.
HDCP support would be nice, but isn't a must-have.
No noticeable lag please, I want to use it for games, too.
Picture quality must be spot on in 720p and 1360x768 resolutions.
Should be able to act either as a TV or a generic PC monitor, so the computer's graphics chipset will enable the Full/Limited RGB range option.

And yes, I'll keep that TV.  :) There'll be a new TV in a few years, but not at the time being. I'd rather get a mid-sized CRT for my old consoles sitting in the hobby room.