[FIXED] How to setup a SCSI internal card with x68K EXPERT ?

Started by mez, June 05, 2017, 02:58:25 AM

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hi everybody !
still a pleasure to read this forum

today i would like to install a CZ-6BS1 [SCSI card] in my EXPERT [SASI model] in order to run the Eidis X68000V4 image
once inserted is there a special instruction to write or the card is automaticaly detected ?
i don't know where to check if everything is ok

thanks for your help

my conf is :
x68000 EXPERT + monitor, keyb, mouse
CZ-6BS1 scsi card
japanese converter scsi to CF : CLPC-CFSxSI101 (setup to SCSI and not SASI)
CF card with X68000V4 image burn on it

have a nice day


Soon I will be doing something similar to this, so I am interested in knowing as well. I too wonder whether an external SCSI card requires drivers or other such configuration in order to work.

As soon I receive a floppy with the SxSI drivers on it I will know for sure.


Done !
works fine

i will edit with the command lines later but what i've done :
copy SCSI.DRV of the scsi card disk to the SYS drawer of the humanOS disk
copy SWITCH.X card disk to the humanOS disk (over-write it)
Edit config.sys and insert DEVICE = ...7...
with switch : SCSI ID 7
max HD
boot STD

and it's ok, x68000 SASI boots with no floppy insert to my SCSI to CD device
thanks to EIDIS for all the work on V4