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Dragon Knight 4

Started by urnhurrell, April 18, 2017, 11:51:32 AM

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Anyone else enjoy this game? I'm not really super into the interactive sex scenes, and less into the thought of trying to show someone this game and having to run into that, but I still say the X68000 is the best version. (Windows 3D version is good too). The soundtrack is one of my favorites, the gameplay is incredible (tactical RPG/Permadeath goodness), and the story is phenominal. It's crazy that this got so many ports and remakes in Japan and yet nobody knows about it/talks about it/has translated it. Thoughts? Comments?


It's a decent game for it's time.  However completing the "second loop" gets a bit too tedious imo.

If you enjoy Elf games, Wordsworth is my favorite.  Like Dragon Knight, it is a comedy, the adult parts aren't meant to be taken seriously.  Game does not deserve the blasting it gets on places like wikipedia.


The second loop blew my mind though haha I loved that story bit. The anime starts at the second loop, and that ruins the huge plot-twist. Maybe it was predictable to some people, but I had no idea! I'll definitely check out Wordsworth. It's advertised enough in all of my other elf games haha