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Started by Faint X, May 03, 2004, 03:35:33 PM

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Faint X
does anyone have the a wiring diagram for this? i really dont want to spend $46usd i think it was on a cable. If anyone has a wiring diagram it would be greatly appreciated  :)  


You need the chip out of the cable, without that chip (Which is custom made for Nintendo and unavailable anywhere else) you can't get VGA (or RGB on the NTSC units) from the GC.  Spend the money or give up the dream.

Faint X

Quotechip out of the cable

do u mean the part that hooks into the gc? if its that, i can easly get one of those. if not, could you explain a bit more?  


He means that there is an integrated circuit, commonly known as a "chip," which is inside the cable, NOT the part that "hooks into the GC," but rather resident inside the boot cover of the plug. It is this component that makes the GameCube signal into the usable one that you want. Without this "chip," you cannot have a progressive (for component, and hence--) VGA signal from your GameCube. To be more clear, without it, the cable can't do anything it was made to do. This is not a simple or inexpensive component. Nintendo is the only company that uses it. So, they are the only source for it. If you cannibalise it from another cable, you make that cable useless. So you are not just going to find someone willing to give up this piece from their working component cable.

Save your pennies. It is not as evil as you think. Capitalism!


Faint X ---> Buy a PAL GC and PAL SCART RGB cable.  


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