Akumajou Dracula, how use USER DISK?

Started by Dhampird, February 17, 2011, 03:09:13 PM

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February 17, 2011, 03:09:13 PM Last Edit: February 17, 2011, 03:11:52 PM by Dhampird
The Akumajou Dracula X68K can save the game using another disk, (original game includes a sticker called USER DISK for that, to use with blank disk) i´m wonder how i could save the game? is needed wait to some STAGE in particular to save the game? is needed configure any SRAM option in SWITCH? anyone knows about it?  I have original game but instructions are in Japanese ;D, also i have the game in CF card, will be great try if will be possible save the game also if it runs from CF/HD.

Thanks a lot.


 Hi !

The User Disk contains game files and is used for save games as well. When starting the game you have a choice of entering name or using a previous save. You can save game after defeating main boss of every stage. I think the game does it automatically. If not, try to select end game when dying and imho a save prompt sould appear. I can't remember clearly. As for the HDD version which is on the CF card. The save feature works flawlessly. My save game is a living proof. This game rulz. It is very hard and an excellent eye candy. Good Luck !

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Very old topic but i ve the same problem.

I'm playing the game on my x68k compact (so with 3"1/2 disk) but i don't know how to make a user disk !

I've tried with blank disk but it's not working ( ive not the save option on the "continue or gameover" screen)

Perhaps the option to create a user disk is on the disk 2. I will try to boot with disk 2...



Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need to boot with Disk 2 and use the option to create user disk!



A User Disk for Dracula is just a copy of the normal B (data) disk.  The original B disk cannot be written too, hence you can't save to it.

As for saving your game, it is only possible if you get Game Over.  A Game Over resets your score to zero, making it impossible to get a high-score unless you have the skills to do it on one credit.


Quote from: gypsie on September 26, 2014, 06:00:04 AM
Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need to boot with Disk 2 and use the option to create user disk!
that's fine !
i have old PC 5"1/4 uses floppies but no one seems working :/ what kind of floppy are you using ?