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Nearly there...

Started by Jollyroger, March 18, 2017, 11:28:53 AM

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Ok, I am nearly done.

I purchased a SCSI2SD board, extracted the x68000_V4 hard disk image on it (SCSI ID=3), installed everything in the x68000.

Then I wrote the Masterdisk image to a floppy, booted with it and then used:

cd sxsi

Now when I turn it on, the bootloader starts, but it doesn't detect the HDD (all 8 SCSI IDs look empty in the boot screen) and so it doesn't boot from it.

Interestingly though, booting from the Masterdisk and typing C: the hard disk is there!
I can navigate the folders, launch tools, etc.

So the setup (SC card image is proper, SCSI2SD setup, installation, power), is all fine, but no sign of the drive at boot.

Any thoughts?



Never mind... I eventually figured that I didn't need to install the bootloader at all...
Changed boot device to SCSI ID3 and voila'  :D

I will enjoy this machine!


Correct, the Master Disk is used for installing SxSI driver.  This allows the older SASI based machines to use SCSI devices.   However the later units switched to real SCSI, so the MasterDisk is not needed.  This is why the Super sells for much more then the other 10mhz machines.

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