Info / software for VDTK-X68K processor card

Started by mkr5000, October 25, 2017, 07:35:28 PM

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Hi there,
I just pulled a VDTK-X68K card from a Pro which arrived the other day. I found next to no information about these card: NEC V70 processor, 20 MHZ, 2 MB RAM, 128 KB SRAM - no software, no documentation, nothing.
Does anyone know what one might be able to do with this card? I found mention of a C compiler package for it, but no other software seems to be floating around the web.
Thank you!



Depending of the V70 series it could implement V20/V30 compatibility; so maybe it can be used as some kind of PC98 bridgeboard. It could be also a hardware platform to run the PC98's Unix port PC-UX/V...just guessing...

I can only think of serious uses, nothing related with the V60/V70 use by Sega and their arcade machines :-)


I do have a little follow up question. Did that machine come with an internal HDD? I'd be curious to see if there was anything relevant on it.


No, unfortunately the Pro did not come with any software or hard disk.

I found an article now on in the Oh! X July 1992 issue. It mostly describes the benefits of the V70 and performance boost possible. From what I understand the clever thing about the card seems to be that you can call DOS and ROM functions directly from the V70 code, making (then) existing code easily portable by just recompiling / reassembling and have it perform at around 3,5x the speed of the MC68000.